Splatterhouse RPG


A bloody RPG starring Rick


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Splatterhouse RPG is a role-playing game set in the world of Splatterhouse. In it, you control Rick, who needs to rescue his girlfriend Jennifer with the help of a demonic mask.

Gameplay is reminiscent of other, traditional games of the genre. That means you'll have the classic menu setup to manage different aspects of your characters like their inventory, and combat (which is typically totally random) will be turn-based.

During combat, you can choose between attacking normally and using the mask's special powers. Whatever you do, you've got to be careful - there are dangerous creatures in the forest, and they'll take advantage of any chance they can get to finish Rick off.

Graphically speaking, Splatterhouse RPG looks like a Super Nintendo or Megadrive game, with a 16 bit style that meshes perfectly with the game's gameplay.

Splatterhouse RPG is a game that is sure to please horror movie fans, especially those who know the Splatterhouse franchise. Its allusions will be appreciated by anyone who is familiar with the saga.
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